Innovation and implementation

We make it  

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From small battery driven hand held devices up to huge   systems with extensive consulting requirements.
We are able to find or develop the best solution for your requirements.  The whole design process and dealing  with the "human factor" in an worldwide networked businesses is ours. Innovation, implementation localization and remote managing are daily routine.   » Read More

Development for small and medium company's 

Looking for a solution for your problems? We do have the expertise for making things happen. Feel free to ask us . We make a lot of things possible, maybe for your needs too

Global player design and idea center

Lot's of ideas never will come to realization simply by mismatched process structures or daily routine. We have made a lot of things come true even in this kind of "resistant environments"

Innovation and sustainable growth 

These are maybe the worlds most demanding tasks. Surely we can't solve it alone. But our long term experience can help to make your needs  a contribution to the better world.  

EU grants and proposals

we are participating in EU proposals and grants. Knowledge providers, mainly in the  road and traffic industry and education organizations (e.g. Universities) are welcome to cooperate. Feel free to contact us at